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What a dreadful cliche, and yet, our instructors actually have.  Beyond over a combined century of experience in law enforcement/public safety, SWAT, military, and peace-keeping missions, our staff has instructed literally hundreds of classes to thousands of students in such organizations as Proctor & Gamble, Walmart, battered victim shelters, schools, universities and libraries.  Our training style is light, relevant, and fast-paced.  We believe you'll find them to be among the finest trainers you'll ever meet.  


Tim is a twenty-year veteran in law enforcement, and one of the most effective communicators and instructors in the industry.  His career has included over fifteen years as a detective, primarily in the areas of violent crimes.  He has an extensive history in hostage and crisis negotiation, and he has been honored numerous times for his work in this area.  Tim is the man you want when the stakes are high...he makes miracles happen when tragedy might have prevailed.  He has taught for a number of institutions including the University of Arkansas, The Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy, and the Criminal Justice Institute.  

Workplace Violence Mitigation Specialists​​

We are workplace violence mitigation specialists here to help you keep your team safer and more focused and profitable. It is our mission to instill the preparation, mindset, and skills necessary to mitigate workplace violence incidents in such a manner that all stakeholders return to productive operations quickly, while feeling a strong sense of safety, support, empowerment and esprit de corps.


Director, Senior Instructor

David is a thirty-year public-safety veteran with

assignments having included major crimes

investigations, patrol in high-crime areas,

helicopter rescue, SWAT medic, and School

Resource Officer.  He was instrumental in the

implementation of the Austin, TX Special

Operations Division and the Fayetteville, AR

Crisis Intervention Team and the Special

Investigations Division. He was twice named

Officer of the Year by the Fraternal Order of Police,

and Rotary International, the American ​​Legion and the National Coalition Against Sexual Assault have all honored David for his work with families and children in crisis.  He now writes, speaks and teaches across the country in subject areas including School Safety, Workplace Violence Mitigation, Investigations, and Domestic Violence Response Teams for businesses.  He is the bestselling author of Fighting For Her Life: What to Do if Someone You Know is Being Abused, and of Lost On The Road To Jericho, a novel.  Finally, and most importantly, he is married to Melissa, an Emmy and Associated Press award-winning journalist, and he is the proud father of Lane, a sailor in the United States Coast Guard, and Dalton, an Airman in the United States Air Force. 


Mark is the Director and Senior Instructor for the

Rubicon Training Group, LLC, a company which

offers tactical and investigative training solutions

to law enforcement, military, and business

organizations.  As a former Sergeant in the United

States Army, Mark served specialized in force

protection and was trained in both the U.S. and

British interrogation methods. He has received

numerous commendations from organizations

such as the U.S. Army, North Atlantic Treaty

Organization (NATO), and the Royal Dutch League

for Physical Education.  He is also a certified Executive Protection Specialist with extensive training in the use of firearms, defensive tactics, and threat analysis. Following his military service, Mark attended Columbia College where he obtained his Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration, graduating magna cum laude.  He studied law at the University of Arkansas and received his Juris Doctor degree in 2007.  Mark spent over 5 years as deputy prosecutor in the Fourth Judicial District.  During that time, he conducted numerous jury trials in cases involving murder, robbery, sex assault, and other crimes. He now conducts training for government and corporate agencies around the country in the topics of security and intelligence operations.- See more here.