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Significantly Minimizing Your Risk

Our job is to evaluate your risk, train your staff, and assist you in developing or revising your policies and procedures so that the risks associated with violence and sabotage are minimized or eliminated. We prepare your team for the worst so they can perform the best under abnormal AND normal circumstances.

Training that is hands on, relevant & entertaining

Our training is designed to prepare you and your staff for extremely serious situations, but we believe the best training is entertaining, hands-on, and relevant.  To that end, we offer training packages to cover topics including:

  • Stalking and Domestic Violence in the workplace
  • Dealing Effectively/Humanely with the Mentally Ill
  • Best/Safest Practices for firing a potentially violent employee
  • Handling the "escalating" disgruntled customer
  • Robbery
  • Establishing or Revising applicable policies and procedures
  • Establishing Workplace Violence/Threat Response Teams
  • Active Shooter Scenarios 

Our six-hour seminars include:  

  • Brief classroom instruction on the dynamics involved with each practical scenario
  • Table top team exercises to facilitate planning and responding to ongoing problems such
    as stalking or domestic violence brought to the workplace 
  • Role-Playing (Angry Employee or Customer, Emotionally Disturbed Person, etc.)
  • "I'VE GOT YOUR BACK!" Team excercises
  • Simple, effective emergency self-defense techniques
  • ​Entertaining and thought-provoking exercises to cement effective de-escalation techniques
  • Active Shooter training/practice (sight/sound only--no ballistic training)​

​​Additional seminar options

  • Mitigation Planning
    • Specific to your facility and staff with an emphasis on YOUR mission and values, YOUR goals and objectives and YOUR policies and procedures. Included with this additional package option includes a detailed written report of with specific suggestions for enhancing the safety and security of your facility including recommendations for lighting, alarm systems, areas of weakness and strength, landscaping strategies,  and effective use of manpower

  • Ballistic Active Shooter (BAS) scenarios
    • Where you and your staff will be placed in high-stress scenarios where every decision could mean the difference between life and death.   Instructors use paintball technology and will actively target seminar participants during scenarios.  Participants will be issued eye protection prior to engagement.  BAS Scenarios require an additional 60-90 minutes for each seminar, depending on class size. Shield Wall Consulting will not be responsible for clean-up after BAS training

  • "Hands-On" Self Defense Instruction
  • Title IX Investigation Training
  • Title IX Investigations (Sexual Misconduct, Stalking/Harassment, Intimate Partner Violence)
  • Background Investigations (pre-hire)
  • Risk Assessment (post hire)
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design