Survival skills and confidence 

  • A team equipped with the working knowledge and ready-to-use ​skills to survive as individuals AND a team. 
  • A team energized with the self-confidence, efficacy and purpose needed to mitigate workplace violence

Team Morale

  • A sense of esprit-de-corps among your staff, raised to a new and exciting level
  • ​A recalibration of workplace morale as your team realizes their blessings and understand what a truly “bad day” really looks like


  • Improved team productivity under "normal" conditions because they've learned to function in abnormally stressful situations​​

Why hire us?

Because your business depends on it. Our training transforms policies into actions making your business more safe and productive. By preparing your team for the worst, they can perform the best under both abnormal AND normal circumstances. Below are just a few of the many benefits your team can receive by completing our training.​​

Without proper training, you put your business and employees at a costly risk.

Over two million Americans reported being injured as a result of workplace violence last year according to the U.S. Department of Labor/OSHA.  This costs businesses billions every year according to OSHA, especially when you factor in:  



  • Temporary/Permanent Absence of Skilled Employee
  • Workplace Distraction
  • Psychological Damage & Property Damage
  • Theft and Sabotage
  • Diversion of Management Resources
  • Increased Security Costs
  • Increased Workers' Compensation Costs
  • Increased Personnel Costs​​​

Mitigating Workplace Violence​​

We live in a world in which violence explodes daily. ​Those with cruel intent often think to further their agenda through vicious and flamboyant strikes on private business, public areas, and government offices.  Mayhem subsequent to a fired employee, a disgruntled customer, a delusional mentally ill person, or stalking related to domestic violence puts your customers, your staff, and your profitability at risk. Having "been there and done that" our specialists have the experience necessary to prepare and train your team for that really bad day at work. 



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